Goodyear Features Three Cooper Tires at SEMA Show

Nov. 3, 2023
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has added to its Cooper brand with the Cooper ProControl all-season and Cooper Cobra Instinct, as well as the Discoverer Road+Trail AT tire.

All three of the tires are on display at the  2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT fits SUVs and half-ton trucks, according to Jenny Paige, senior product manager for Goodyear.

“This tire comes in hard-metric sizes. Now, if you get into heavy-duty trucks, that’s what we would call light truck metrics and this tire doesn’t go up that big."

This tire replaces the Cooper Discoverer AT34S tire, which lacks some of the features the new tire possesses, including tread that extends down the sidewall “50% further” and is “twice as deep as the old tire was,” says Paige.

This allows the tire to grip diverse terrain.

“This is important because this tire is for road and trail, which means it has the comfort of on-road driving, but the capability of off-road driving,” continues Paige. 

This tire came out in August of 2023 and has a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty.

“We are seeing a lot smaller vehicles owners (who) are taking off the OE highway tires and  putting on the all-terrain tires to be able to get more grip,” says Paige.

Because of this, the Road+Trail AT is available in smaller sizes to fit crossover vehicles and because of that, V speed ratings were introduced to the tire.

The Cooper Cobra Instinct is an ultra-high-performance tire, which replaces the Cooper Zion RSG31.

“We named it Cooper Cobra because we have had a long legacy of Cooper Cobra on American muscle cars and so we’ve taken that name and brought it to the present for modern muscle cars,” she says.

The sidewall has a snakeskin look to feed into the Cooper Cobra name and has an asymmetrical tread pattern with lateral grooves that help evacuate water.

“It was designed to give a sporty ride with hyper-responsive handling for people who want to be more spirited when they drive from point A to point B,” says Paige.

The tire is available in 25 sizes.

The Cooper ProControl came out this spring and is a “mass market, everyday tire.” 

“It’s for people who want peace of mind and confidence while driving,” says Paige.

The tire made for SUVs and is designed to give assurance and control with a tread compound that grips well on wet terrain. It replaces the Cooper Discover SRX Cooper CS5.

“The CS5 is a sedan tire and the SRX is an SUV tire, so this new tire was made to fit the whole breadth of those vehicles,” she adds.  

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