Nokian Expands Nordman Line

Jan. 16, 2024

Nokian Tyres Inc. has debuted the Nordman Solstice 4, an all-weather tire for value-driven consumers.  

The new tire is designed to offer durability and stability, solid winter grip, and handling on wet, dry and snowy surfaces. It holds the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification and is available in more than 50 sizes between 15- to 20-inches.  

The Nordman Solstice 4 features an asymmetrical tread with a stiff outer shoulder, stable center siping and curved inner shoulder.  

Groove lifts between tread blocks support the tire's stability and the blade grooves on the inner shoulder evacuate water, rain and slush. 

The tire also features SolsticeTech 4 siping in the shoulders for winter grip and lateral zigzags and closed 3D locking sipes.  

The SolsticeTech all-weather compound delivers sporty performance and is designed to remain soft in frigid temperatures and durable enough to withstand the summer heat.  

Nokian recently announced the launch of its new Remedy WRG5 all-weather tire as well.