John Bean Introduces New Tru-Point App

June 9, 2021

The new John Bean Tru-Point Augmented Reality  Experience app lets shop owners and service technicians explore the new Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system calibration tool in a new way. 

“The Tru-Point AR app gives users a complete view of the next-level in ADAS calibration through an augmented reality experience that highlights the features and benefits of Tru-Point in a unique, interactive way,” said Mariana Montovaneli, director of marketing for John Bean. “Augmented reality is an ideal way to clearly demonstrate the capabilities of Tru-Point when person-to-person sales presentations are not possible.”

Using both 3D functionality and augmented reality via the camera on a smartphone or tablet, the John Bean Augmented Reality Experience app lets the user experience the Tru-Point ADAS calibration tool in their shop before they make a purchase. Tru-Point can validate a vehicle’s alignment condition, automatically compensate for the levelness of the workshop floor and precisely perform calibrations according to OEM specifications. The AR app provides insight into the features and software that John Bean has developed to perform an alignment check and streamline the ADAS process. The app also includes videos that showcase the wide array of innovative features of the one-of-a-kind ADAS calibration system.

“At John Bean, we are adapting new technologies that enhance the customer experience so service professionals can learn more about our wide range of products and the benefits they offer,” said Montovaneli. “The new Tru-Point Augmented Reality Experience app is the latest innovative way to share how the extensive family of John Bean products can help shops improve the efficiency, competitiveness, and performance of their service and repair businesses.”

Customers can download for free the John Bean Tru-Point Augmented Reality Experience app through the Apple and Google stores.

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