Six Hunter Products Win People's Choice Awards

Oct. 5, 2022

Six Hunter Engineering Co. products won people's choice awards from PTEN Magazine, a sister publication of Modern Tire Dealer.

These products won awards as part of the 2022 PTEN People’s Choice Awards, voted on by readers of the magazine.

HunterNet 2 Multi-Store View. HunterNet 2 is a free customer portal developed for undercar service operators with multiple rooftops, allowing operators to access performance data for all their Hunter-connected equipment.

Collision Alignment System. This system goes beyond typical alignment measurements by guiding the technician through specific collision procedures for uncovering hidden damage right away.

BL Brake Lathe Tablet. The BL Series of bench lathes features a new tablet, bringing useful information to the technician’s fingertips in an user-friendly display.

ADASLink Diagnostic Scan Tool. ADASLink is a premium, full-diagnostic scan tool that includes ADAS calibration and secure FCA gateway capabilities, enabling shops to decrease steps, increase efficiency and cut calibration time in half.

Quick Check Commercial Autonomous Inspection System. Hunter's touchless commercial inspection solution measures camber, total toe, tandem axle scrub and tread depth on all tires, on all axles.

Smart Weight Elite Wheel Balancer. The SmartWeight Elite replaces typical dataset arms with diagnostic lasers that automatically scan the entire inner wheel, providing precise locations for weight placement, including anywhere along the wheel, rather than only the left or right planes.