Yokohama Expands Racing Tire Portfolio

June 2, 2022

Yokohama Tire Corp. has added the ADVAN A055 to its motorsports tire lineup.

“The A055 is a max-grip, flat-out fast tire,” said Drew Dayton, Yokohama’s senior product planning manager of consumer tires.  “It is purpose built for on-track racing with impressively fast lap times and continues Yokohama’s decades-long legacy of UHP and motorsports tires.”

Features of the tire include:

  • an advanced motorsports compound that provides dry grip for extreme cornering, braking and acceleration on the track. Symmetric alternating twin grooves maximize the contact patch to increase dry track performance;
  • the motorsports construction which features an ultra-high turn up that increases stiffness for enhanced cornering;
  • a rounded profile which quickly transitions from straight-line sprints to high-speed cornering for predictable handling; and
  • an optimized tread depth and design which eliminates the need for shaving.