A Cap to Fit Them All

March 7, 2022

All good things take time, especially when it comes to creating something new. 

Ten years ago, Adam Stevens and his business partner set out to solve a large industry problem, and create a center cap that would fit almost any wheel. Throughout the next decade, countless versions of design variations were created⁠—some even printed on an early version of a 3D printer⁠—before the design was perfected and released to the public late last year.  

Purposeful Design

The RO Center Cap from Epoch Auto Parts is currently available in both five and six lug designs and⁠—most importantly for Stevens and his business partner⁠—fit over 80 percent of the market. 

The years of research and testing paid off, and the unique cap is becoming a shop favorite. From the time it takes to open the box, all four center caps can be installed in just a few minutes, explains Stevens. The process is simple, efficient, and easily adjustable along the way. 

The cap itself is dome shaped in order to fit over hubs, with a clean design intended to fit the look of any vehicle. Epoch Auto Parts also offer spacers in order to bring the cap further from the lug nut if needed. 

“We came up with a smooth design knowing that the center caps would be in either black or chrome,” Stevens explains. 

The black center caps can also be painted and are customizable to whichever look the vehicle owner desires. 

Tested for Durability 

Beyond the look, Stevens wanted to be sure that the center caps could withstand the wear and tear of every ride, and through a wide variety of conditions. To do so, RO Center Caps are designed to be thicker than the average cap.

“We measured out a lot of center caps that are out on the market right now and then made ours a little thicker,” he says. “We also reinforce all the key areas that attach to the wheel so they don’t break.”

On a testing scale, the RO Center Cap can go down to a low negative 35 degrees and up to as high as the scale could go. 

“I actually took one of our caps while it was still warm and tried to break it with my hands,” Stevens says. “We've also stepped on them with our full weight and they don't break.”

Even the stainless steel screws on the center caps are built to last.

Inside the Shop

There are countless ways to incorporate RO Center Caps into the shop to ultimately aid in customer satisfaction and overall growth. The center caps can be a quick add-on for a customer⁠—or, can help expand options in the tires that can be sold.

A lot of tire shops take back trade-ins,” Stevens explains. “And by easily adding RO Center Caps, you can now accept wheels without caps and resell them.”

If a customer is struggling to get center caps, or the ones for their wheels are too expensive, RO Center Caps are a good option. 

“A lot of customers may not be able to invest in a new set of custom wheels, but could still be able to add center caps for something special,” he says. 

The caps can also be easily personalized with a logo in the center or painted to match the vehicle.

“RO Center Caps create additional revenue sources and help the shop to be able to take care of the end customer,” Stevens says. “And so far, customers have been more than happy with the results.” 

To find out more, visit rocentercap.com or call 517.252.9900.