There are far too many news stories about lift accidents in auto shops. And overwhelmingly, a majority of incidents involving lifts end in tragedy. 

“Beyond liability claims, it's very important to have a mental approach to safety at a shop,” Mike Israel, Product Manager at ATLAS Equipment, explains. “Technicians want to be sure they are safe while being under a 3,000 to 4,000 pound vehicle and not worry about the lift falling down.”

As a way to boost safety confidence and add extra security, shop owners can invest in lifts that have been ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) Certified through The ALI Independent Car Lift Certification Program. 

Detailed Certification Process

ALI’s mission is simple, to promote the safe design, construction, installation, service, inspection and use of automotive lifts. To do this, the Institute sponsors a third-party certification program for automotive lifts. Currently, 100 percent of newly certified lifts are certified under this program—although not all lifts on the market are ALI Certified. 

In order to ensure that the technicians at your shop are safe, and your shop has the most reliable equipment, shop owners are encouraged to invest in ALI Certified lifts.

The certification evaluation process is used to determine the electrical and mechanical compliance in accordance with a set of standards, and is conducted by Authorized Testing Laboratories. Examples of testing laboratories include Intertek, TUV Rheinland, and MET Laboratories—all authorized to conduct testing on behalf of ALI.  

“ALI Certified lifts are engineered to stringent standards with safety in mind,” says Cory Hanna, Brand Marketing Manager at Integrated Supply Network.

Ensure Continuous Safety   

Once lifts are ALI Certified, participants are required to be audited four times throughout the year to ensure that the equipment is still in compliance with ALI certification standards. 

This auditing provides comfort that each ALI Certified lift continues to perform up to the standards of certification, establishing ongoing safety for all while using the vital equipment.

Along with the added safety provided by the certification process and quarterly auditing, many ALI Certified lifts also come with extended warranties. ATLAS Equipment offers extended warranties on all of their certified lifts—ALI certification is noted directly within the name of the individual lifts on their website.

Attract Staff Through Certification

As the effects of the pandemic, and beyond, continue to alter the face of the workforce, the automotive industry continues to have a widespread hiring shortage. Shop owners strive to attract talented technicians through many factors, some being: strong shop culture, the newest technology, premium insurance, and possibly most importantly, promised safety.   

By investing in ALI Certified lifts, owners and operators can advertise their enhanced safety precautions to current and potential technicians—boosting employee retention and providing further attractability.   

“If I were a mechanic working under a lift all day, I would prefer to be under an ALI Certified lift”, Israel says.

When it comes to shop equipment, investing in these items that are built to strict certification standards allows shop owners and technicians multiple buying options and to have a peace of mind as it relates to safety.

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