Dill 5001 Sensor Covers More Than 30 Million Vehicles

Jan. 3, 2019

The 433 MHz 5001 TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) sensor from Dill Air Controls Articles LLC covers more than 30 million vehicles, including Ram, Malibu, Soul, BMW and Charger models.

The Dill 5001 TPMS sensor has the ability to replace 35 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sensors, including 9398, 9214, 6815, 9012, and 5523.

The company says the Dill 5001 sensor comes ready to use for one-third of the coverage and is configurable for the other 433 MHz applications.

The sensor features a corrosion-free valve stem and a rubber stem alternative.

The Dill 5001 sensor works best with Bartec R58.0 or newer and Ateq DA1-26-20/CA2-24-05 or newer tools, according to the company.