Yokohama to debut aerodynamic tires in China

April 3, 2015

The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. is participating in the Shanghai Motor Show 2015 (Auto Shanghai 2015), April 20‒29, 2015. This year’s Yokohama exhibit will demonstrate the “Yokohama Pursuit of Driving Pleasure” to motor sports fans and all who love cars.

Featured products will include the Advan Sport V105, a high performance tire, the Advan Neova AD08R, a street sports tire. The exhibit will also introduce visitors to the BluEarth brand of fuel-efficient tires and the increasingly popular Geolander brand of SUV tires. Visitors also will see an Advan Neova AD08R-outfitted Nissan GT-R, a tuning car with a strong following in China.

Highlighting Yokohama's technoglogical advances, the booth will include the China debut of the Company’s aerodynamic tires, which are designed to reduce the vehicle’s air drag by controlling the airflow in the wheel well. Finally, booth visitors will also be introduced to a history of Yokohama's activities in support of motor sports around the world as well as a history of new cars marketed in China that have been equipped with Yokohama tires.

Yokohama also will sponsor a cart test-drive event that will enable participants to drive on the company's tires firsthand.

The Yokohama booth also will have a corner devoted to the England Premier League Chelsea Football Club, with which the company has entered into a sponsorship relationship beginning this July. The Chelsea FC corner will display a tire signed by Chelsea team captain John Terry.

This year’s show is expected to be attended by a million visitors.