Tiremetrix Provides Dealers Free Tire Recall, Tire Aging Lookup Service

May 21, 2018

During National Tire Safety Week (NTSW) software provider Tiremetrix LLC will provide tire dealers and auto service providers with a free web-based database to check for tire recalls and tire aging issues.

Dealers will be able to search by DOT tire identification numbers on all tires produced since the year 2000 during tire safety week, May 21-28, 2018.

“We encourage dealers to extend their service during NTSW offerings beyond tire pressure, alignment, rotation and tread depth checks to include these additional safeguards,” says Joe Donehue, president of Tiremetrix. “With millions of recalled and aged tires still in service, NTSW presents a great opportunity to further build trust between motorists and the tire service industry. We just want to do our part, so making this available to dealers was a no-brainer."

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, in a typical recall only about 20% of affected tires are returned to the manufacturer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes 3,200 injuries a year to aging tires. 

During NTSW, dealers can sign up for a free account at ntsw.tireregistrationplus.com and immediately begin checking tires for recalls and aging issues. The website is optimized for mobile devices and can be used at the car-side on a tablet or phone. Dealers can also print a DOT Quick Check report for their customers.

“Very simply, removing recalled and aged tires leads to safer roads for all," says Donehue.