Help MTD Find the Industry's Best Young Workers

Aug. 10, 2023

Modern Tire Dealer is searching for the best and brightest young stars in the tire industry. Is that you? Or is there a young superstar on your team? We’re hunting for those in the tire industry who are On the Rise.

For a moment, let’s forget all the talk and worries about finding good young people to work in the tire industry. Look around. There’s likely a few in your workplace today. For the past seven years, MTD has put the spotlight on these young superstars with On the Rise. And for 2023 we’re building our eighth group of honorees.

We want to get to know the under-age-40 people in your business. They might be tire changers. They might be service advisors. They might own the tire dealership and be your boss. Maybe they lead the acquisition team or take charge of marketing. We know young people are propelling every corner of this industry forward, and On the Rise is the way to highlight their good work.

The nomination process is simple. Candidates can submit their own names, or someone can submit a nomination on another person’s behalf. Use this link to submit your name, or someone else’s.

Deadline for nominations is Aug. 25.

We’ve met hundreds of young superstars through On the Rise, and at MTD we’re excited to add to that list again in 2023.