Maserati Picks Continental For Grecale SUV

Sept. 28, 2023

Maserati has picked Continental AG's Conti CrossContact LX Sport and CrossContact RX to be original equipment on its new Grecale luxury SUV.

"Continental has received worldwide original equipment approval for the CrossContact LX Sport in the 19-inch size and the CrossContact RX in the 21-inch size," say Continental officials.

Also approved for the Maserati Grecale is the Continental EcoContact 6 in the 20-inch size.

"The tire, which features a special rubber compound, is designed for energy-saving and noise-optimized driving, making it especially suitable for the hybrid version of the SUV.

"Vehicles like the Maserati Grecale place high demands on tires with their high curb weight, high performance and rapid acceleration. With the CrossContact series, Continental's developers have therefore designed tires that offer short braking distances on dry and wet roads and effective drive. A reinforced sidewall protects against damage, for example from stone chips. This also makes the tires ideal for driving on light terrain. The adapted tread pattern also ensures low rolling resistance. The even sipe arrangement on the tread reduces rolling noise."