New 63-inch OTR Tire Puts Maxam in Elite Club

Nov. 11, 2020

Maxam Tire North America Inc. plans to ramp up its investment in the ultra-large OTR tire segment following the recent introduction of its first-ever 63-inch tire, the MS453.

Aimed at large haulage trucks, the MS453 features an aggressive tread design, a reinforced sidewall and other features designed to handle “the most severe challenges on haul roads,” according to Maxam officials.

The tire, which has been in development for more than a year-and-a-half, “is a natural progression for us,” says Matt Johnson, vice president of Maxam Mining Group. “And it’s a necessity to be in the large mining tire business.

“We’ve invested heavily in our large OTR tire line for haulage applications,” he continues. “Our 51-inch line has been expanded. We’ve expanded our 57-inch line.”

“There aren’t many who are technically capable of producing a 63-inch OTR tire that works,” adds Jimmy McDonnell, Maxam’s North America vice president of sales and marketing.

The new MS453 is manufactured using a proprietary, “two-stage” method that involves “improved placement of the belt package - as well as the tread package - on the casing, while the tire is being built,” says McDonnell. 

“When you take a green casing and mold it, what happens is that it sometimes deforms the belt package,” notes Johnson. “We have limited that significantly.”

The MS453 has undergone extensive testing at mine sites in Nevada, he adds.

Why now?

The time is right to enter the 63-inch market, say Maxam officials.

“We’re at the point where we have made the investment and feel comfortable releasing the product,” notes McDonnell. “We’re a relatively small player today in terms of volume, especially when it comes to the 57-inch and 63-inch segments. So we have a lot of opportunity to grow.”

“We feel there is a giant hole (in the market) for this product,” adds Johnson. “With our process and commitment to open pit haulage, we believe we can be a big player and provide another option.

“The thing we are going after is quality, not quantity. We want to make it more efficient for customers to run our products and to help lower their cost of production. We have every intent on becoming a major brand player in the mining tire segment, as well as other segments.

“We know that 63-inch is an integral part of the future of the mining industry."

Many mining companies that were impacted by COVID-19 “have already returned to full production,” notes Johnson. “We will see an increase in demand in 2021 and for a few years to come.”

More products in the works

Another Maxam 63-inch tire - in size 59/80R63 - is in development, according to company officials, who add that will be ready “sometime in 2021.”

“It takes significant time to build these products and ensure you get it right,” says McDonnell. 

Meanwhile, Maxam continues to fill out the rest of its OTR tire line.

Earlier this week, Maxam introduced the MS412, a 49-inch tire for open pit and quarry applications. The tire boasts a high net-to-gross tread pattern for reduced wear, a base compound that minimizes heat build-up and other features.

“Our engineering and research and development teams are continuing to develop new product sizes and state-of-the-art processes for compounding and tire design,” says McDonnell.

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