Tire Kingdom mobile installation van

Tire Kingdom Donates Tires to Florida Family

TBC Corp.'s Tire Kingdom chain donated a set of tires to a Florida family caring for a great nephew battling cancer. To make the donation even easier, Tire Kingdom used its mobile tire installation van and installed the tires in the Palm Beach Children's Hospital parking lot during a chemotherapy treatment.

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M&A During Downturns: Historic Trends Point to Bright Future

Including the current, COVID-19-based economic downturn, the United States has experienced three recessions in the past two decades, including the post-2001 dot com bubble burst and the Great Recession of 2008. All three have provided merger and acquisition takeaways that can be useful to independent tire dealers who are managing through the present crisis.

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DSP car

How to Leverage Inspections to Drive More Business


How well does the average consumer know the needs of his or her vehicle? Years ago, before many readers here can remember, when you brought your car into a gas station for a fill-up, someone came out to not only pump your gas, but also check your oil and your tires’ pressure levels. And you were kept informed on your vehicle’s condition.  

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