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How are program groups helping dealers drive consumer traffic to tire retailers? That’s what MTD asked eight national and regional program groups open to domestic dealers.

The answers go beyond buying power and price competitiveness. Program groups also offer multiple tire brands, warranties, credit cards, promotional support and training to help dealers attract customers to their shops.

There are strict requirements to join a program group, and not everyone is eligible. Dealers who meet the qualifications retain the freedom to run their businesses as they see fit.

MTD surveyed the following groups:

* Big O Tires LLC;

* Community Wholesale Tire Distributing Inc.;

* Conrad’s Tire Service Inc.;

* Independent Tire Dealers Group LLC;

* K&M Tire Inc.;

* Tire Centers LLC (TCi);

* Tire Factory Inc.; and

* Tire Pros.

For details on these groups, see our story beginning on page 18 of the April print or digital edition of MTD

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