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Liebherr Approves Variants of Continental OTR Tire

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Construction machinery manufacturer Liebherr has approved Continental EM-Master tires in the E3/L3 and E4/L4 variants for its wheel loader portfolio.

“Since early 2020, Liebherr dealers and end users have been able to order the tires for new vehicles from the Liebherr factory,” say Continental officials.

The Continental tires are available in sizes 20.5R25 to 29.5R25 on all Liebherr wheel loaders from L526 to L586 XPower models, including:

  • L526: 20.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3
  • L538: 20.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3
  • L546: 20.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3
  • L550 XPower: 23.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3 & 23.5R25 EM-Master E4/L4
  • L556 XPower: 23.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3 & 23.5R25 EM-Master E4/L4
  • L566 XPower: 26.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3 & 26.5R25 EM-Master E4/L4
  • L576 XPower: 26.5R25 EM-Master E3/L3 & 26.5R25 EM-Master E4/L4
  • L580 XPower: 26.5R25 EM-Master  E3/L3 & 26.5R25 EM-Master E4/L4
  • L586 XPower: 29.5R25 EM-Master  E3/L3 & 29.5R25 EM-Master E4/L4

Continental Tire the Americas LLC unveiled the first offering in its new, all-bias General brand OTR tire during last month’s Tire Industry Association Off-the-Road Tire Conference.

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