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Titan Expands Its Scraper Tire Lineup

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Titan International Inc. has expanded its scraper tire lineup with a new size.

The Goodyear Optitorque is now available in size LSW800/5R46, according to Titan officials, who add that the tire is "ideal for scraper applications, as well as a flotation sprayer option and high-horsepower tractor dual option for arid, dry soils."

"In many applications, we're seeing people using R-1W tires in applications that would be much better off with an R-1," says Scott Sloan, ag products manager, Titan. "That's a big reason why we've undergone such a significant expansion of our Optitorque line and added scraper warranty coverage."

The new size and design helps dampen power hop, which can be common in high-torque applications. "LSW tires also allow for running at up to 40% lower inflation pressures than standard tires, thereby reducing soil compaction."

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