Cutting-Edge Tire Solutions

Sept. 8, 2023

How Radar Tire’s unique approach has resulted in easily accessible, premium tires with cutting-edge design.

Making a change in any industry can be daunting. It's tempting — and easier — to follow what’s been done previously to limit risks and increase the likelihood of success. But what can happen when you challenge standard procedures and begin to think outside the box?

Radar Tires did just that, and by rethinking how tires are marketed and manufactured, Radar is now able to produce premium tires at a fraction of the cost.

Modern Tire Dealer spoke with Gajendra Singh Sareen, founder, President, and CEO of Omni United, owner of Radar Tires, to learn how the company is changing its manufacturing approach to provide accessible, premium tires.

Beat the Brand Tax

Unlike legacy brands that rely on name recognition to define their premium products, Radar removes the unnecessary “brand tax” — extra funds well-known brands put towards extravagant marketing — and depends on performance to help its product stand out. 

“We don't charge a brand tax to our customers,” said Sareen. “Other premium manufacturers do. The quality is the same, the product performance is the same, and the design is equally good. So what's the difference? The difference is the brand tax.”

Without charging this brand tax, Radar is able to provide you with the premium performance you deserve — and make sure your money is going toward more important elements, such as cutting-edge design and sustainable raw materials.

“We invest a substantial amount of time and money in staying in sync with the latest raw material trends that are coming up, including the sustainable side of it,” said Sareen. “Our product is carbon neutral, and we are also evaluating the possibility of new raw materials, which are still being tested.”

All Radar Tire designs are created with durability and performance in mind, using only the highest quality compounds. As a newer entrant in the market, Radar Tires has been using advanced silica compounds from the start, while legacy competitors were struggling with the costs associated with switching materials — costs that were ultimately passed down to the end consumer. 

Premium Product Development

Starting off with better materials is only the beginning. To stay ahead of the needs of the market, Radar Tires continues to prioritize product development to ensure they are always providing customers with the best possible products.

“Our investments are all in product development,” said Sareen. “Finding the right manufacturing location, delivering the products to the customers in the best possible way, and providing all the values that a brand owner or a manufacturer can, without passing on the legacy costs and the fixed overhead costs that are in other tire manufacturers’ balance sheets.”

Radar Tires has been able to avoid unnecessarily high overhead expenses by utilizing unused capacity in existing tire manufacturing facilities.

“We don't typically own manufacturing facilities, and so avoiding the legacy costs of owning manufacturing facilities, which are humongous, allows us to offer a very performance-driven product at a competitive price,” said Sareen.

This strategy is what allows Radar to provide over 2,000 sizes in 80 countries, so consumers can get any tire they need from a single source for the best price.