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Environmentally friendly truck tires

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Environmentally friendly truck tires

Reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and fuel use by 3% or more “relative to the best-selling new tires for line-haul Class 8 tractor trailers” is the goal of the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary SmartWay program. Lowering rolling resistance is the way tire manufacturers are meeting that goal.

The list of SmartWay-verified tires has grown to 39 brands and more than 200 steer, drive and trailer axle tires. And that doesn’t take into account retreads (see page 44). The STT retread from AcuTread Alliance Group is now SmartWay-verified. The company says the AcuTread STT is currently the only SmartWay-verified mold cure retread. In addition, SmartWay verification is pending for AcuTread low-profile wide-base drive and trailer retreads, as well as conventional dual-application drive tire retreads.

Marangoni Tread North America (MTNA) says its RingTread Energeco products, RDA-E for drive tires and RTA-E for trailer tires, are both SmartWay approved. Marangoni offers a complete range of SmartWay-verified RingTread products for line-haul applications.

“Marangoni is committed to supporting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay program to promote fuel efficiency and will continue to submit treads for approval,” says Giampaolo Brioschi, MTNA product marketing manager.

Tire manufacturers get Smart

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. enhanced three tire lines to help commercial trucks travel further on a tank of fuel.

The G399A LHS Fuel Max, the G572A LHD Fuel Max and the G392A SSD with DuraSeal + Fuel Max wide-base tires have been improved to help deliver reduced rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency, as well as long miles to removal. All three of these tire lines are SmartWay-verified.

“These enhanced tires will help fleets lower their fuel bills, while still delivering long miles to removal,” says Brian Buckham, marketing manager, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems.


The Michelin Americas Truck Tires division of Michelin North America Inc., has launched the Michelin X Line Energy T, a dual trailer tire for line haul operations that meets SmartWay requirements. Compared to the Michelin XT-1, the Michelin X Line Energy T tire will deliver a 10% reduction in rolling resistance bringing improved fuel efficiency.

Michelin also has launched the Michelin X Line Energy D Pre-Mold retread, a SmartWay-verified drive tread for line haul applications. Michelin has 10 SmartWay-verified retreads that will be submitted by the third quarter of 2013.

At the recent Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Ky., Bridgestone Commercial Solutions showcased three new SmartWay-verified Firestone tires as part of its “Those With Drive, Drive a Firestone” marketing campaign.

“Becoming a trusted advisor to and exceeding the needs of small business owners is at the center of our campaign and its featured products,” says Matthew Stevenson, vice president of marketing. The three new tires are the FS591 steer, FD691 drive and FT491 all-position radials. According to the company, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC, they meet EPA SmartWay and California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements for fuel efficiency “without sacrificing removal miles.”

Yokohama Tire Corp. introduced its full line of Zenvironment tires at MATS. The 101ZL, 703ZL and 103ZR are SmartWay-verified. “The Zenvironment line represents Yokohama’s best truck tire technology,” says Rick Phillips, Yokohama’s director of commercial sales.  “It reflects our philosophy of using ultra-high technology to make truck tires that will last longer and be more fuel-efficient.”  Earlier in the year, Yokohama had its TY517 wide-base drive tire added to the SmartWay list of verified technologies. It is available in size 445/50R22.5.    ■

For a list of SmartWay-verified truck tires, click here.

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