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Goodyear's new G572 features a 30-32-inch tread

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Goodyear's new G572 features a 30-32-inch tread

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is putting more tread on the road while leaving more diesel in the tank with the introduction of its G572 LHD drive tire designed using Fuel Max technology.

The SmartWay-verified tire features a 30/32-inch tread depth -- one of the deepest on a SmartWay-certified drive tire.

“It’s an innovative drive tire that balances enhanced fuel economy with longer miles to removal,” says Donn Kramer, Goodyear’s director of marketing for commercial tires.

“The tire replaces our G372A LHD, which features the same tread depth. But the G572 is nearly 10% better in lowering rolling resistance, which translates to better miles per gallon.

"Our testing also shows the new drive tire to be excellent in dry and wet stopping distances, plus overall traction.”

According to Kramer, with high fuel prices continuing to pose a challenge, fuel-efficient tires are becoming a must-have for fleets and owner-operators.

“The payback is fast and can accelerate with each increase at the fuel pump. The great thing about the G572 LHD is its improved fuel economy without sacrificing miles to removal.

"When used in conjunction with Goodyear Fuel Max steer and trailer tires, operators can expect up to a 4-plus percent increase in fuel economy, as compared to standard Goodyear tires. With Fuel Max, we can help fleets really drive down their tire cost-per-mile.”

The G572 LHD is engineered using Goodyear’s exclusive TredLock technology, which interlocks microgrooves to stabilize the tread for enhanced tread life while promoting even wear.

"We also engineered circumferential and lateral tread grooves into the G572 LHD, which gives the tire all-season performance," says Kramer. "Penetration protectors also help keep stone drilling to a minimum to provide a long-lasting casing, able to handle multiple retreads."

The drive tire's belt package features four ultra-tensile steel belts to reinforce the tread while giving the tire a solid foundation for retreading.

The G572 LHD is available in four sizes:

* 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 (in load range G and H), and

* 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5 (in load range G).

In addition to the G572 LHD, Goodyear also has eight other SmartWay-certified truck tires, including two steer tires and three trailer tires. For a list of tires certified by SmartWay, click here.

Goodyear first introduced the tire to dealers at its 2011 Dealer Conference in Grapevine, Texas, in Janaury (see "Goodyear introduces 11 commercial products").

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