Bridgestone/Firestone launches 'traveling billboards'

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The Bridgestone and Firestone brands will share the spotlight on more than 200 18-wheel commercial trucks that will criss-cross the country as part of Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire LLC's new marketing campaign that was announced today.

"The Bridgestone brand is represented on one side of the trailer montage and the Firestone brand on the other," say Bridgestone/Firestone officials.

"Each side of the truck's cab also bears a representative image of a tire tread imprint specific to either the Bridgestone or Firestone brand."

The "traveling billboards" depict a cross section of tires bearing both labels.

"Represented on the Bridgestone-branded side of the trailer are pictures of the brand's ultra-high performance passenger, motorcycle, commercial truck and racing tires.

"Featured on the Firestone-branded side of the trailer are pictures of the brand's agricultural and racing tires -- on a tractor and an Indy car -- as well as a historic picture of (Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. founder) Harvey S. Firestone."

The designs were unveiled this morning at Bridgestone/Firestone's new distribution center in Roanoke, Texas.

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