Hennessy creates R.I.D.E. education program

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A new education program from Hennessy Industries Inc. is designed to support the tire manufacturers' safety efforts.

The Coats R.I.D.E. program "educates both technicians and the consumer so everyone knows how to work together for the smoothest riding vehicles possible," says Mark Cramer, director of commercial marketing for Coats.

"Today's vehicles, with custom wheels, sensitive suspensions and lower profile tires, are more prone to vibration and rough riding problems. Too often, customers come back claiming that wheels haven't been properly balanced, when the cause is something else. That's where R.I.D.E. comes in."

R.I.D.E. stands for:

Rotate your tires at required intervals.

Inflate tires to the proper operating pressures.

Diagnose ride control problems early, and encourage routine maintenance.

Educate the consumer for economy and safety, and the service technician on the proper diagnostic procedures.

The preventive maintenance program not only teaches technicians and service writers about the fundamentals of vehicle care, such as proper tire inflation, but also helps them promote better care and wheel balancing services.

"The POP part of this program is very interesting," says Cramer. "We designed it to work in conjunction with our new XR 1800 balancer. The POP gives consumers money-saving advice, and also encourages them to look at a premium diagnostic balance that can help find unusual causes of vibration."

The point-of-purchase material is available in high resolution electronic files on CD-ROM.

The R.I.D.E. program is free with the purchase of every XR 1800 balancer, and by contacting your Coats distributor.

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