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CMA chooses MaddenCo software for Double Coin fleet program

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MaddenCo Inc. has entered into an agreement with China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) to provide national account delivery receipt processing for CMA's Double Coin National Account Fleet Program.


By using the MaddenCo Tire Dealer System, CMA will be able to electronically process Double Coin delivery receipts that are sent to it by its dealers. "CMA will now be able to track credits due to its dealers for national account work, and if a dealer is using MaddenCo's system, CMA can actually send an automated credit back to the dealer the next day," says Jay Adams, MaddenCo sales manager.


As part of this process, Double Coin dealers using the MaddenCo Tire Dealer System will send delivery receipts to Double Coin through traditional point-of-sale processing, just as if the dealer was performing any other national account delivery receipt in the system.


(Double Coin dealers not using the MaddenCo Tire Dealer System will enter delivery receipts through a soon-to-be-implemented MaddenCo-supported Web site, which will interface with CMA's internal MaddenCo system.)


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