Tenneco promotes squirrels and cash this fall

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Tenneco Inc. is getting ready for autumn, with consumer marketing campaigns planned for its Monroe shocks and struts and Walker catalytic converters.

The Monroe "Save a Squirrel" program, which was launched earlier this year ("Monroe ride control campaign caters to the squirrel population," April 22, 2008) will continue into the fall maintenance season. Motorists purchasing premium Monroe and Rancho ride control products from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31, 2008, will receive comeback certificates by mail for future automotive services.

* Each motorist who purchases four Monroe Reflex or Sensa-Trac struts, or two Rancho RS9000XL shocks and two Rancho QuickLIFT units will earn a $60 comeback certificate.

* Motorists who purchase two Reflex struts and two Reflex shocks, two Sensa-Trac struts and two Sensa-Trac shocks, two Monroe Quick-Struts, four Rancho RS9000XL Pro Series shocks, four RS9000XL shocks or two Rancho QuickLIFT units will earn $40 comeback certificates.

* Motorists who purchase four Reflex, four Sensa-Trac, four Gas-Magnum, four Rancho RS5000 or four Rancho RSX shocks will earn $20 comeback certificates.

The Monroe "Save a Squirrel" campaign encourages consumers to monitor and replace shocks at 50,000 miles.

Car owners who purchase Walker exhaust direct-fit catalytic converters this fall will receive a $30 mail-in rebate through the Walker "Converter Cash" promotion, which also runs from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31.

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