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SEMA Show, Day Two: Alliance introduces 3 tires

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SEMA Show, Day Two: Alliance introduces 3 tires

Alliance Tire Group, the parent company of Alliance Tires Americas Inc. in North America, introduced two agricultural tires and a radial small tractor tire at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The company added two tires to its Increased Flexion (IF) line: the Alliance AgriFlex IF 363 and IF 354. Both tires tires give farmers increased productivity and operation cost savings, according to the company.

“Alliance Tire Group is putting tremendous research and development resources into IF tires because agricultural machines such as tractors, harvesters and sprayers are evolving at a rapid rate to achieve overall productivity,” says Michael Aguon, national product manager for Alliance Tire Americas.

“Our IF tires support these heavier, more powerful machines while minimizing soil compaction.”

The company says the Alliance IF 363 and IF 354 offer farmers and applicators important benefits:

* 20% more load with the same inflation pressure as conventional radials, or 20% less inflation pressure for the same load;

* increased traction, which improves fuel economy; and

* reduced soil compaction, which can help increase yields.

The Alliance Agriflex IF 363 is optimized for sprayers that run long-distance over the road. Alliance says the tire's innovative S-tread design modifies conventional R-1 tread patterns to ensure good traction in the field while delivering extended tread life, reducing vibration and improving steering and ride characteristics. It is available the IF380/90R46 168D size.

The Alliance Agriflex IF 354 features high lug angles for a smooth, comfortable ride and higher speeds on the road, while its aggressive shoulders and deep R-1W lug height provide excellent traction and minimal slip. Alliance has introduced its IF 354 in the IF380/90R46 and IF480/80R50 row crop sizes commonly used on today’s most popular self-propelled sprayers and tractors.

The Galaxy Garden Pro R-3+ is a mixed-service fabric-belted radial tire developed specifically for small tractors used in gardening, turf and vineyards.

“Many small tractors are mounted on steel-belted agricultural tires that are really ‘overkill’ for the applications for which they’re used, or they’re on combinations of SUV tires and agro-industrial tires that can be tough on turf or ground cover,” says Domenic Mazzola, vice president  of OE sales and engineering for Alliance. 

“The Galaxy Garden Pro is built to meet the performance needs of small tractor users and to come in at a price point that delivers a low total cost of ownership over the life of the tire.”

Alliance has designated the Garden Pro as an R-3+ to highlight the tire’s versatility. The company says the tire features nearly 50% greater tread depth than typical R-3 tires and a solid-to-void tread ratio of 49:51%, which is substantially more than typical R-1 or R-4 tires.

Round shoulders protect soil and turf against damage, Mazzola says, while the steep centerline angle and smooth, open channel combine good traction with excellent self-cleaning. 

The deep, high-count lugs deliver excellent traction and long-wearing service life. The unique tread is designed to provide versatility and can replace R-1, R-3 or R-4 tires in most applications.

The Galaxy Garden Pro comes in a variety of sizes that allow mounting on both rear and front axle positions, from 220/55R12 front sizes to 420.70R24 rears.

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