Tire Discounters adds Falken tires at all stores

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All Tire Discounters Inc. stores are now stocking Falken brand tires. The company says its 86 Tire Discounters locations in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana are carrying the high-performance tires from Falken Tire Corp.

“Quality customer service is a high priority for Falken, and we are glad it is for Tire Discounters as well. We look forward to growing our business in 2013, and we view Tire Discounters as a great partner,” says Andrew Hoit, vice president for marketing at Falken.

Tire Discounters currently offers the following Falken tires:

* Azenis FK453:  The latest generation of Falken’s flagship summer ultra high performance tires is available in 17-  to 22- inch sizes (W and Y speed ratings).

* Azenis PT722 A/S: Targeted towards luxury vehicle owners, this ultra high performance all-season touring line is available in 49 sizes ranging from 16 to 22 inches. (V and W).

* Sincera SN211: This touring tire fits the needs of a variety of vehicles and has a 80,000 mile limited mileage warranty, says Falken.

* Ziex ZE912: Large sipes encase the tread and high volume circumferential grooves deliver hydroplane resistance, according to Falken. Available in 93 sizes (H, V and W * speed ratings).

* Ziex S/TZ05: This tire provides all-season performance and comfort for luxury SUVs and light trucks, according to Falken. Available in 20-  to 24-inch sizes.

* Wild Peak A/T: This tire is aimed at the all-performance sport utility and light truck tire market and has stiff, extra wide steel and a 37-inch overall diameter, according to the company.

* Wild Peak H/T: The Wild Peak line offers superb dry handling and responsive wet braking on all road surfaces, says Falken. A  high tension casing ply and stiff wide steel belts provide stability and comfort for pickup trucks and SUVs. 

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