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Falken reaches 1 million milestone on Facebook

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Falken Tire Corp. is a well-liked tire company. And it has the "likes" to prove it.

The company has reached 1 million “likes” on its Facebook page, demonstrating a strong engagement among consumers with the tire brand. The appeal, which Falken deems “organic” because of the genuine, innate involvement among Falken’s fans, has added to the positive perception of Falken tires.

“There is significant case history indicating that engagement is key,” says Andrew Hoit, Falken’s vice president of marketing, “and we’re proud that our customers are consistently viewing, sharing and commenting on our posts.

"According to, engagement is the most important metric after reach. That relationship translates over to our dealers who are equally adept at connecting with the customer and fan.”

While Falken has promoted its presence on Facebook via images, videos and partner collaborations through sweepstakes and other events, the in-house effort has come primarily from supporting the broad automotive culture. This “soft approach” has encouraged fans and customers to frequently return to the site and post pictures of their vehicles shod with Falken tires on the company’s wall.

As a result, a weekly 20% engagement ratio has been generated, one of the highest in the tire industry.

Falken Tire has developed a number of innovative tactics -- many of them viral -- which have generated solid “word-of- mouth” among an enthusiastic motorsports community. The brand’s Facebook motto -- “dedicated to motorsports culture” -- has a strong resonance and encourages visitors to spend time on Falken’s Facebook page through various activities such as the recent Microsoft Forza Motorsport 4 Falken Porsche RSR livery design contest.

“Our Facebook fans are loyal and valued advocates of the Falken brand,” says James Yim, senior manager of advertising and creative. “They endorse Falken product regularly through their posts and in turn, help promote our tires to a larger community."

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