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Redesigned Bee Line website tells all

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Bee Line Co. has introduced a completely redesigned website that it says is "the perfect resource" for learning more about the many profitable/cost-saving fleet systems offered by Bee Line.

The site showcases the following:

* wheel alignment systems;

* elevated solutions for heavy-duty alignment shops; and

* axle and frame correction equipment for heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Within the new website, there is information on the recently released LC7500 Series Computer Alignment Systems (listed by market segment).

Also featured are Bee Line’s recently redesigned Space Saver Ramp and fully customizable Advanced Aligner Runways -- both proven to be "multi-functional workhorses."

"Bee Line applies the technology and expertise gained throughout 90 years in the demanding commercial vehicle industry to each and every piece of equipment manufactured by the company. While vehicles continue to get lower to the ground and axles continue to get stronger, Bee Line produces new products to keep up with these trends."

In addition to front and rear/tandem axle alignment solutions, other equipment also is showcased. That includes the Smart Balancer II, the latest generation of on-the-wheel touch screen computerized systems from Bee Line; pumps; rams; and frame correction solutions. Detailed call-outs and photos accompany each major system.

Hands-on training courses, focusing on the principles and techniques of performing computerized wheel alignment and truck frame correction, are offered in Bee Line’s fully equipped training center in Bettendorf, Iowa. The website details these opportunities and allows technicians to enroll online.

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