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Falken launches four online sales modules

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Falken Tire Corp. has launched a vital sales tool available to all direct and associate Falken dealers: the P.E.A.K (for Performance, Education, Achievement and Knowledge) online training program.

The general scope of the P.E.A.K training site, according to the company, is for Falken dealers to have a web-based tool to help them learn about Falken "in all aspects." The curriculum of the site will have four module components.

1. Falken Branding will educate participants on a general overview of Falken from its history, quality and distribution to how it uses motorsports to build brand awareness.

2. Tire Basics will help those new to the industry to understand the general nomenclature of the tire business.

3. Passenger Car will cover all of Falken’s most popular tread designs, like the Sincera SN211, Azenis PT722 and Ziex ZE912, just to name a few. Ultimately, this module will aide site users in recommending the correct Falken passenger car tires to everyday consumers.

4. Light Truck and SUV, like the Passenger Car module, will focus educating dealers on products like the WildPeak A/T, Azenis FK433CC and the Ziex S/TZ05.

Once users have successfully completed and passed all four training courses, they will have the option of choosing Falken branded incentive items.

“The P.E.A.K training program will be an important piece in helping our dealers learn more about our brand and product," says Andrew Hoit, vice president of marketing.

"In the last year, Falken has launched our Fanatic Associate Dealer Program, multiple national consumer rebates, and now the P.E.A.K online dealer training. We will continue to provide tools to our dealers which we feel will help them succeed in today’s market.”

To register for the Falken P.E.A.K. training program, go to Registration is easy, and the site user friendly, adds the company.

For more information on Falken Tire and its products, visit

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