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Ken-Tool cages address higher psi levels

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Ken-Tool cages address higher psi levels

Ken-Tool Corp.'s 2- to 7-bar tire inflation restraining devices are not only tested, but also certified to address higher, 130-psi inflation pressure levels.

This new pressure level certification was prompted by the introduction of the 455/55R22.5 load range M truck tire, which is rated up to 130-psi inflation pressure. This tire and wheel configuration replaces dual wheel/tire combinations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s OSHA Standard No. 29 CFR Part 1910.177 requires that inflation restraining devices contain 150% of a tire’s rated inflation pressure during a failure. To verify the ability of the cage to absorb the energy released during failure, Ken-Tool tested a truck tire on a multi-piece wheel at 195-psi. 

“Ken-Tool is particularly pleased to achieve this new pressure level certification for its U.S.-built tire inflation cages, including those we’ve made in the past,” says Rock Tyson, vice president of sales and marketing. “This allows all of our customers servicing tires to know that Ken-Tool cages are safe for use with these new tire and wheel combinations.”

Ken-Tool has posted a video to YouTube that demonstrates the testing process. The company is printing new warning labels in English and Spanish to reflect this change for its new and existing cages.

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