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Hankook unveils e3 Technology for truck tires

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Hankook Tire America Corp. has unveiled its e3 (or e-Cubed) Technology for medium truck tires.

"The e3 designation is designed to help dealers and customers understand the advanced technology behind its commercial tires, delivered across three areas: energy, economy and environment," say Hankook officials.

The technology is designed to "increase fuel economy (energy), allow for improved fuel savings and wear performance (economy)... (and) minimize harmful carbon dioxide discharge (environment)."

Hankook officials say the technology is being integrated into Hankook's new line haul tires, which are scheduled to be rolled out in early 2010.

"Hankook remains committed to helping our customers reduce costs while being environmentally friendly," says Hankook Director of Commercial Tires Brian Sheehey. The focus areas of e3 "continue to be key concerns in today's commercial trucking industry, as well. By categorizing a broad range of advanced technologies under e3, Hankook will be able to demonstrate how we deliver significant benefits in each category."

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