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Coalition 'disappointed' by ITC's support of Chinese quota

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The American Coalition for Free Trade in Tires is "disappointed" in the U.S. International Trade Commission's (ITC) decision to support the United Steelworkers' petition to impose a limit on the number of Chinese consumer tires imported into the U.S. (See "ITC makes affirmative determination in Chinese import case," posted yesterday, June 18, on

At this point, the ITC is expected to devise "remedies," which will be forwarded to President Barack Obama, who will make a final decision in September.

"We feel strongly that import restrictions are not justified based on the facts in this case and will not benefit U.S. producers," says Marguerite Trossevin, a spokesperson for the group. "The decision is now in the President's hands and we hope he will consider the cost to American consumers and decide not to impose import restrictions that U.S. producers never requested in the first place."

Dennis King, vice president of Dunlap & Kyle Co., a member of the coaltion, says "the real result of this decision is that consumers who are already struggling in a weak economy may now have fewer choices and pay higher prices for their tires."

"I hope that the President will listen to the hundreds of small businesspeople who provide American consumers with safe, quality tires they need at an affordable price," says Del-Nat Tire Corp. President Jim Mayfield. He believes those businesspeople and their companies "will suffer if imports are restricted."

Members of the coalition include American Omni Trading Co., Del-Nat, Dunlap & Kyle, Hercules Tire & Rubber Co., Orteck Global Supply & Distribution Co. and Foreign Tire Sales Inc.

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