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Del-Nat strengthens entry-level offerings

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"It's all about the product," said Jim Mayfield, president of Del-Nat Tire Corp., at the company's 2009 Kick-off Meeting and 20th anniversary celebration recently.

"Our future depends upon the product we bring to you. It all starts with the product, I believe.

"If we don't have the product, you don't need us," he added.

He then turned the meeting over to Vice President Ken Coltrane and Marketing Manager Denise Rawls, who focused on the company's entry-level product program needs.

Entry-level passenger: Coltrane has negotiated additional units in the Finalist F109 line for 2009. He says 350,000 units were sold in 2008, and that was not enough. There will be at least 550,000 units of the exclusive line available in 2009.

Del-Nat also is sourcing the Westlake SP06 from Unicorn Tire Corp. The 26-size line, which is not exclusive, includes the popular 225/60R16. "We're buying another pattern in that size," said Coltrane.

Entry-level light truck: Last year, Del-Nat added the Creation line in five sizes to its offerings. The tire features a modern design.

The Chaparral Radial XT is available in 10 sizes, including 31x10.50R15, 30x9.50R15 and 185R15 LRC. And a next generation commercial LT tire, the Chaparral Commercial HT manufactured for Del-Nat by Duro Tire & Wheel, is available in nine sizes. It features a three-ply sidewall. At least one 17-inch size will be available soon, said Coltrane; 18-inch sizes are in development.

Entry-level ST (Special Trailer): the new Mastertrack ST is available in six sizes. Del-Nat also sells the 14-size (eight radial, six bias) Akuret ST line exclusively.

Entry-level UHP: The new Rotalla F105 is available in 12 W-rated sizes ranging from 16 through 18 inches. It features an asymmetrical tread pattern.

The Sunfull line is available in 15- through 18-inch, V- and W-rated sizes - with emphasis on the 17- and 18-inch sizes. Coltrane ways the tire could potentially be an exclusive line for the company.

Entry-level UHP SUV: The Durun brand is available in 21 sizes ranging from 20 through 26 inches. The tires are V-, W- and Y-rated.

Entry-level P-metric SUV: The Neptune Experience is available in seven 16- and 17-inch sizes.

Entry-level mud tire: four studdable sizes are available in the Grizzly Grip line. Coltrane said eight more sizes are in development.

Entry-level TBR: Guizhou Tyre Co. Ltd. is supplying the Advance radial truck and bus line to Del-Nat to supplement the Double Coin and Yokohama brands. The GL 83 is a premium all-position tire; the GL 66 (C/S) and GL 68 (O/S) are new drive tires.

Entry-level industrial/OTR: The Akuret and Armour brands fill this niche. The Armour RG400 skid steer is stored in Del-Nat's Memphis, Tenn., warehouse.

Entry-level winter tire: The Tracmax S100, featuring the severe service snowflake symbol, will be available starting in August in 21 sizes including 225/50R16, 235/75R15 and 215/65R16.

In the second half of this year, the Delta Essential and National Courageous private brand tire lines will be introduced. Other products in development include the Delta Essex4 Touring and National Catalyst 4 Touring (also scheduled for release in the second half); a studdable Grizzly Grip mud tire; and Delta and National all-terrain tire lines.

"There's a lot more demand for entry level product today than there's ever been," said Mayfield.

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