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Vredestein introduces Ultrac Cento

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Vredestein Tyres B.V. has introduced the Ultrac Cento premium summer tire with environmentally friendly and safety features.

The tread and sidewall design are from Italian design firm Giugiaro Design. "The tread design benefits from a ‘less is more’ philosophy, with a minimalist, stylish and primarily functional tread," the company says. "The shading in the two central circumferential grooves underlines the streamlined design."

The Y-rated tire also has an –SW mark on the sidewall to indicate it meets the most stringent European noise and wet grip requirements.Sound levels of the Ultrac Cento (maximum 71 decibels) already meet the European standards due to be implemented in 2012.

The Ultrac Cento tread compound is a high silica mix that is free of PCA and is comprised of 10 different rubbers. The composition offers low rolling resistance partly because heat production is very low, while sipes in the circumferential grooves provide good cooling even at high speeds, Vredestein reports.

The tire contour and groove depth were developed for reduced rolling resistance. Its shoulders are shallow and firm for improved performance, decreased rolling resistance and long tread life.

Also, the wear that occurs in normal use has no negative effects on the noise production of the tire and a firm construction guarantees that the Ultrac Cento retains its shape at very high speeds, reports Vredestein. The tire offers a smooth, comfortable and quiet throughout its entire lifespan. 

The tread compound offers stable road-holding and short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces. The round contours of the Ultrac Cento were developed for comfort.

A firm central groove provides additional steering precision. Four circumferential grooves provide fast and constant water removal, minimizing the risk of aquaplaning, the company says.



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