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UHP tire updates from 14 suppliers

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UHP tire updates from 14 suppliers

Expect overall replacement tire shipments to be down this year. That may even be true for the ultra-high performance segment. But maybe not.

Thanks to evolving technology, almost any tire can be designed with at least a "V" speed rating. Remember when all winter tires were Q-rated? There are now "Y" rated winter tires! (Does that make some winter tires UHP tires as well? Click here to find out.)

UHP tires are still the most important focus for many tire manufacturers. Modern Tire Dealer recently asked many of them about this strategy in its November issue. We asked them three questions:

1. What is the importance of the UHP market to your company?

2. How does the UHP market in the U.S. compare to the UHP market globally?

3. Is your company coming out with a new UHP tire?

Two of the companies answering the last question, Hankook Tire America Corp. and Pirelli Tire North America Inc., introduced UHP all-season tires at the 2012 Global Tire Expo.

The performance characteristics of Hankook's new W-rated Ventus S1 noble2 are being promoted as the "ideal balance of ultra-high performance and all-season."

Pirelli's new UHP all-season tire, the Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus, is designed and developed specifically for the North American market and North American consumers.

To read more about those tires and what 14 of the top tire companies in the United States have to say about their involvement in the ever-changing UHP market, click on the following link:

"UHP tires: Tire manufacturers wave the flagship."

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