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Bridgestone sets the record straight on retreads

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In an effort to set the record straight on retreads, Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (BCS) has re-launched "Retread Instead," as an online campaign aimed at educating truckers and fleets on the value of extending tire life. hosts short, informational videos about the benefits of retreading as well as easy-to-understand clips on the retreading process. A feature of the site is the space dedicated to debunking common myths around retreads, especially those surrounding safety and mileage.

“It’s commonly known in the industry that many believe retreads are an inferior product, when, in fact, they can not only save operators and fleets money, but are often just as durable and safe as a new tire," says Scott Damon, vice president of marketing. "We encourage operators, fleets and dealers to take a look at the site and see how retreads might be a good addition to their tire solution.”

The site also includes an invitation to take the Bandag Challenge. In a comparison test versus new tires, application-specific Bandag retreads will be mounted on one of two similar vehicles in a fleet that run similar routes. The performance of the two vehicles is tracked, and at the end of the comparison, fleets can see for themselves the cost difference -- and Bridgestone will refund any savings not in the fleets’ favor.

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