Introducing the Bee Line LC7500

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Introducing the Bee Line LC7500


Bee Line Co. says the new LC7500 computer alignment system redefines laser accuracy using cutting-edge technologies. The unit features a 32-inch HD TV monitor with built-in speakers matched with the enhanced cabinet design, custom molded top and remote display charging station.

The software screens have been redesigned to maximize font size for ease of viewing and drop-down menus make it easier to navigate. An efficient, state-of-the-art workspace means greater productivity for the technician, notes Bee Line.

Durability is substantially improved through the use of fewer moving internal parts. Fewer moving parts in the laser assembly eliminates wear out mechanisms, loss of accuracy with wear and the need for repair.

Advanced target board sensors and processors that operate at 88MHZ vs. 4.5 MHz in past systems, along with a hardware driven design allow for quick calculations and immediate, precise laser positioning response. Approximately 1,800 (vs. 80) sensors calculate the location of the laser strike to an accuracy of .005-inch.


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