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Sears Unveils DieHard-Branded Vehicle Maintenance and Assessment Plans

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Sears Holdings Corp. has extended its DieHard brand to a vehicle maintenance plan and vehicle assessment service.

The DieHard Edge Maintenance Plan offers consumers three options at different price points. The DieHard 360° plan evaluates vehicles for purchase or sale.   

“Earlier this year, we introduced the first-ever DieHard tires. Now we're expanding our product offering with the Diehard services: DieHard Edge Maintenance Plans and DieHard 360º,” says Brian Kaner, president of Sears Auto.   

“The DieHard Edge Maintenance Plans are designed to help our customers keep their vehicles running longer by providing pre-paid, flexible plans at an affordable price. The DieHard 360° vehicle assessment enables you to sell or buy a used vehicle in a safe meeting place and receive an unbiased, third-party evaluation. With DieHard 360°, we've established a partnership with both Carfax and SiriusXM, so our customers will receive a full report and a two-month SiriusXM subscription which provide added value, security and entertainment."

Descriptions of the plans follow.

DieHard Edge Maintenance Plan - Provides 36 months or 45,000 miles, (whichever comes first) of covered maintenance locked in at today's discounted prices (savings range from 25% to 40% off regular retail prices**). DieHard Edge is available in three plans:


  • conventional oil change plan $299.99 (synthetic oil change plan $599.99);
  • tire rotations;
  • cabin and engine air filter replacement;
  • performance snapshot featuring a computerized diagnostics check and comprehensive visual inspection of key vehicle components; and
  • brake evaluation.


  • conventional oil change plan $699.99 (synthetic oil change plan $999.99);
  • includes all basic plan service, plus: battery replacement, steering and suspension evaluation, alignment, brakes (pads, shoes and labor)


  • conventional oil change plan - $1099.99 (synthetic oil change plan $1,399.99);
  • includes all basic and premium plan services, plus tire replacement, installation.

The plans are subject to applicable tax.

Sears says all maintenance is performed by professional, certified technicians. The company also offers maintenance plans that are not branded DieHard.

Sears Road Hazard Plus is separate coverage issued by Sears when a tire is replaced under the DieHard Edge Elite Plan. Road Hazard Protection entitles the purchaser to repair or for replacement of a covered tire that becomes unserviceable due to road hazards such as nails, potholes, etc.  

DieHard 360º Vehicle Assessment - provides a 120-point vehicle inspection at Sears Auto Center. "If you're selling a vehicle, DieHard 360º provides a third-party assessment of your vehicle that can help with the resale value. If you're buying a vehicle, it provides a safe meeting place and an unbiased assessment of your vehicle's true condition. And if you're maintaining an existing vehicle, it helps eliminate the surprise and sting of unplanned services and expenses down the road,” says Kaner.

The DieHard 360º Vehicle Assessment, regular price $99.99 is available at an introductory price of $49.99 and includes:

  • performance snapshot with computerized diagnostics check and comprehensive visual inspection;
  • DieHard service electrical system check;
  • brake evaluation;
  • steering and suspension evaluation;
  • tire rotation;
  • air conditioning system check;
  • exhaust evaluation;
  • Carfax Vehicle History Report; and
  • two-month SiriusXM subscription (on eligible vehicles).

Sears introduced DieHard brand tires in August 2016. For details, see “Sears Is ‘All In’ on DieHard Tire Sales.”

Details on DieHard Edge Maintenance Plan and DieHard 360º Vehicle Assessment are available on the Sears website.

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