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Petlas RC-700 Plus Is Made for Mixed Service Trucks

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Petlas RC-700 Plus Is Made for Mixed Service Trucks

Petlas Tire Corp. has just updated its RC-700 truck tire to the RC-700 Plus, which offers high mileage and fuel efficiency for mixed service truck operations. 

Petlas says the RC-700 Plus is designed to serve off-road truckers' needs. The tire has more sipes for tracking and handling comfort than the RC-700, and also comes with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake and M+S symbols.

Circumferential grooves provide drainage on snowy and muddy roads and ensure controlled shorter braking distance. Reinforced interconnected blocks provide a comfortable drive on the highway, but also increase block durability in construction site conditions.

The RC-700 Plus is designed with stone ejectors in the grooves, as well as an aggressive self-cleaning tread pattern even on muddy surfaces to perform on job sites. The tire is made to withstand the rigors of the construction industry and unpaved roads, while providing comfort and stability no matter the surface.

The tire offers cut and chip resistance and long tire life while providing the user with better durability, fuel efficiency and multiple retreads. Petlas says the tire "is a great choice for cost per mile for construction sites."

"We promise our customers strong and sustainable tires of high quality.‟ said Oğuz Ay, international sales and marketing director at Petlas.


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