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ITP Versa Cross V3 Is Designed for High Performing UTVs

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ITP Versa Cross V3 Is Designed for High Performing UTVs

The Carlstar Group is adding the Versa Cross V3, a high performance tire from the ITP brand, to its all-terrain tire lineup.

The radial tire is available in seven sizes and features eight plys, and is made in the U.S.

The Versa Cross V3 is designed for high-performance UTVs. With increased sidewall strength, this tire offers stability and puncture protection. The reinforced belts provide increased traction and puncture resistance while the additional channel cuts in the tread increase biting edges to aid traction on slick rock and in wet, muddy conditions. The  rubber compound protects against cuts, chips and tread wear.

It's available in sizes ranging in 28-35 inches in diameter with an MSRP of $197-$232.

“With the Versa Cross V3 we upped the ante again with more channels in the lugs and an enhanced shoulder design, further improving what was already a solid all-terrain tire," says Rhett Turpin, director of ITP sales. "The Versa Cross is now more versatile than ever."

Todd Hinson, powersports product manager at the Carlstar Group, says, “To complement this family of tires we added core traditional sizes and expanded into 18-inch and 20-inch bead diameters for enthusiasts seeking the most in curb appeal. The new 18-inch and 20-inch offerings pair perfectly with 18-inch and 20-inch ITP Storm Series Hurricane wheels, providing the customized look and performance our customers expect."

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