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Keep on Truckin': Stay Tuned to MTD for Exclusive Commercial Tire Info

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June has always been “truck tire month” here at MTD and I’m excited to report that we have a lot of great, commercial tire-related information to share with you in the coming weeks.

For starters, the June edition of MTD will feature a mid-year look at the North American truck tire market, in which top executives from a wide range of manufacturers and marketers will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on commercial tire demand, shipment expectations for the rest of the year, when they think market conditions will begin to improve and more.

The June issue also will include a mid-year look at truck tire market share, plus a riveting story about what one commercial tire dealer is doing to keep New York City rolling during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition, the June edition of MTD also contains a wealth of great information about what’s happening in other segments of the market, so there will be plenty for those of you who don’t sell truck tires! From the latest on consumer tire dealer sell-out trends to practical, real-world advice from our expert columnists, you’ll find it all right here.

Oh, and before I forget – make sure you stay tuned for more exclusive truck tire content.

It’s all headed your way soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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