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HunterNet 2 Tracks ROI for Tire Equipment

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HunterNet 2

Customers of Hunter Engineering Co. can use the online HunterNet 2 to instantly measure the return on investment of their newest connected pieces of equipment. But the platform is designed for Hunter customers with older equipment too. They can purchase consumables easily online and also keep track of the details of every piece of Hunter equipment in their businesses.

With those connected pieces of equipment — such as the Quick Check inspection stations, the Road Force Elite balancer, Hawkeye Elite alignment machine and Revolution tire changer — HunterNet 2 helps owners and managers track the ROI for equipment. They can see revenue potential, view daily and monthly equipment use and set profit goals for all the equipment under a single roof.

Pete Liebetreu, vice president of marketing for Hunter, says the portal allows tire dealers to monitor how their connected machines are driving profitability into their businesses. They can set up daily or even twice-daily reports to see how much money they're generating from an equipment investment.

"Hunter's ready to present that ROI to you every single day that you own that piece of equipment," Liebetreu says.

HunterNet 2 is available free to any Hunter customer in North America. And for those who don't yet have the newest connected equipment, they can use the portal to purchase Hunter consumables (available in the U.S. only), but also keep track of each piece of Hunter equipment in a shop, as well as the manuals and documents that go with them.

The portal also provides a way to connect with the tire dealer's local Hunter team.

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