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6 Social Media Tips for Tire Dealers

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For tire dealers who are committing to spending more time marketing themselves on social media in 2021, BFM Group Inc. provided some advice for how to make the most out of their efforts.

Stephanie Metherd, sales and marketing manager for the marketing, graphics and printing company, and Jason Rupert, general manager, outlined best practices of how to engage with consumers during an educational session at the K&M Tire Inc. virtual dealer meeting.

“Today’s world runs on social media,” BFM’s Metherd says.

Their experience shows tire dealers have found the most success on Facebook, with its global audience of 2.6 billion users, including 223 million in North America. Metherd says the other top contenders are YouTube and Spotify.

She recommends dealers promote themselves on more than one platform.

Here are the six best practices Metherd and Rupert outlined for marketing to consumers on social media:

  1. Photos. “Pictures sell for you.” Images help posts be more visible to users, and even a simple tire photo can be laid over the top of a seasonal background. Using the same tire with a couple different backgrounds provides versatility and easy options. Using text and arrows to point out specific features of a tire can help educate customers and provide them with information on special pricing or rebates available.
  2. Video. Posts that make an emotional connection with a consumer are often successful, and video can help tell that story. A driver gripping a steering wheel and navigating slick roads can help demonstrate the need for new tires, and video catches a user’s attention, Rupert says.
  3. Educate. Metherd says dealers can share their passion for tires and educate consumers along the way. Videos that show what services your business provides are helpful, and they also can be reused throughout the year.
  4. Tell a story. Most dealers have stories to tell of consumers that were in desperate need of their services. Rupert says one of his company’s clients highlighted the story of a family who had been in for tire repairs and eventually would need a new set. When that time came, the consumer couldn’t afford the tires, but did have some credit through a Kohls Cash-like system the dealer offered. Normally those benefits aren’t applied to new tires, but the dealer made an exception to help the customer. That same customer wrote a thoughtful review and thanked the dealer for the help. The tire dealer then highlighted the review and story on its social channels, and other customers thanked the dealership for its good service.
  5. Call to action. The best phrases are strong and clear but also create a sense of urgency. If there’s a great manufacturer rebate available, urge customers to take advantage of it. But there are everyday calls to action too: find your next tire; send me tire offers; call us now. Calls to learn more or sign up now can help build up your database of future and potential customers.
  6. Community involvement. Rupert cautions dealers from overlooking this one. Dealers often participate in community events and support causes, and they need to tell users online about these efforts. “Consumers value advocacy — especially millennials,” Rupert says.

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