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Bartec Releases Latest TPMS Updates

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Bartec USA LLC is updating the software for its TPMS tools and again expanding the coverage of the Rite-Sensor.

Bartec says its updates focus on helping technicians service more vehicles, and that's the impetus behind the updates to software version 63 for the Tech400SD, Tech300Pro, Tech500 and Tech400Pro tools, and software version 2.2 for the Tech450Pro and Tech600Pro, as well as version 8.0 for the TPMS Desktop.

In addition to increasing the coverage for the Rite-Sensor, Bartec also is expanding the vehicle coverage and updating the TPMS Desktop utility.

Product Manager Matthew Hitchcock says, “Bartec produces a minimum of four tool updates annually, making us the market leader when it comes to maintaining current coverage. Bartec is continually adding coverage for the most popular aftermarket sensors as well. That means more Rite-Sensor coverage, EZ-Sensor coverage, REDI-sensor coverage and Huf Intelisens coverage for our range of TPMS tools.”

Details on the latest updates are available here. To get access to the latest tool software, users should log into his or her account to download and install the update.

Bartec CEO Scot Holloway says, “One thing that is common to all TPMS service is that whenever a new sensor is installed, a TPMS relearn is required. Rite-Sync combines sensor programming with the vehicle relearn, making a single and fast process that is accurate and repeatable. One thing we recognize about TPMS service, is the need for simple, repeatable and fast processes, and Rite-Sync does all three."

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