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New Alligator TPMS Sensor Offers Wide Coverage

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Wegmann Automotive USA Inc. has unveiled its new Alligator RS+ tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor, which has been engineered "for use in 99.98% of all vehicle models."

The sensor is a "customizable, universally compatible and cloneable option that reduces service time and saves costs on storage and logistics. Dual-frequency for both 315MHz and 433MHz, 100% OEM functionality and a 30% improved battery life over previous sensor designs rounds out a list of game-changing benefits.

" RS+ TPMS sensors are easy to install and easy to program. They replicate full OEM functionality and are compatible with all leading programming tools."

“Our new RS+ TPMS sensors are exactly what the industry needs in today’s economy,” says Redon Merdani, RS+ project manager at Alligator. “They are not pre-programmed, so they can be individually adapted to any vehicle model. This reduces the variety of sensors shops need to stock and makes work easier, saving time and money.” 

“We all know vehicle-specific programming takes time, but universal sensors can be updated again and again, so they don’t become obsolete,” he adds.

The product also will help technicians reduce the "risk of installing the wrong sensor," according to Wegmann officials. and help tire dealerships avoid "sales loss due to non-stocked built-in parts."

In addition, the sensor can be programmed "both before and after mounting the tires."

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