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Accella Tire Fill Designs Mining-Specific Formulas

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Accella Tire Fill Systems has created a new line designed specifically for off-the-road mining equipment. The TLC Tire and Rim Protection line is available in four distinct formulations: HT, Pro, Extreme, and Tundra.

TLC acts as a coolant, conditioning the wheel and coating the inside of rims to protect them from rust and deterioration. The company says independent field testing showed TLC was effective in reducing corrosion, and therefore extending tire life and safeguarding against premature equipment failure.

The rust-inhibiting technology utilized in Accella’s latest TLC product line offers resistance against corrosion even in the most extreme weather conditions, available in freeze protection levels from 20° F to -40° F.

Accella says the TLC line helps to prevent corrosion for longer tire life, easier tire changes, reduced downtime and costs, and overall safer operation. The TLC formulas also are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.

“Corrosion is a significant issue in the OTR mining space,” says Joe Negrey, vice president of Accella Tire Fill Systems. “It causes immeasurable damage to both mining equipment wheels as well as tires while negatively impacting equipment performance and reliability, making vehicles potentially unsafe for operators. Our expanded TLC formulations offer the best protection in the industry, and have been rigorously tested to endure even the most severe heat and cold extremes.”

The corrosion test

To show the strength of TLC products, Applied Technical Services Inc. (ATS) conducted a series of corrosion tests on Accella’s TLC Tire and Rim Protection and compared them to other industry-leading products.

For the corrosion testing, ATS constructed specialized chambers to simulate a year of field use in a mining OTR tire that operates at up to 176°F on a two-shift basis. To achieve this, corrosion testing was conducted at extreme temperatures of 212° and 100 psi.

At the end of a 30-day test, the sample steel coated in TLC Pro had a 0.005% reduction in weight. The competitor's sample had corroded over 2.6 times as much, with a 0.013% weight loss.

Accella says there's a two-point impact on OTR mining vehicle operators: better performance and enhanced safety.

Matt Hanson, TLC product manager says, “Field testing revealed that, given time, the competition’s accelerated rate of corrosion would likely lead to premature equipment failures, safety issues and potential lost productivity, something that mining operators simply can’t afford.”

For additional information, please visit or visit Accella Tire Fill Systems at MINExpo, Sept. 26-28, at booth No. 4900.

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