TTDA board reaffirms opposition to checkoff program

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The Texas Tire Dealers Association's (TTDA) board of directors has reaffirmed its opposition to the Tire Industry Association's (TIA) proposed checkoff program, but the group's members have yet to express their approval or disapproval with a vote.

Last year, the TTDA's board condemned the initiative.

"We think it's admirable" to educate the public about tires, says TTDA President Dane Dees. "But we're not a fan of any new fees."

TIA's checkoff program calls for tire dealers who buy direct from manufacturers to pay an extra fee per passenger and light truck tire.

Collected money would be used for education, public relations and other tire industry activities.

"TIA sent me a letter outlining (the program) a bit further," TTDA Executive Director Chuck Space told earlier today.

"The board discussed it and approved a motion to reaffirm (our) previous position in opposition to the proposal.

"It has not been, at this point, an item that has been discussed in general with (TTDA) membership yet.

"If members happen to vote the other way," the board's position will change, according to Space.

TTDA's 18-member board is comprised of 13 dealers and five "advisory members" consisting of suppliers and vendors.

Space is writing a letter stating the TTDA board's position that will be sent to TIA later this week.

He did not specify when members will get to vote on the program.

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