Michelin extends PAX to winter tires

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Groupe Michelin is extending its run-flat PAX tire and wheel system technology to its X-Ice winter tire line-up.

New configurations include the Michelin X-Ice PAX System 225-700R480A, the Michelin X-Ice PAX System 245-680R260A and the Michelin X-Ice PAX System 235-710R460A.

Each will be available as a tire that can be mounted on an existing PAX assembly at authorized PAX dealerships.

The tires will also be available as part of a complete replacement PAX assembly at Acura, Honda and Nissan dealerships.

By combining the X-Ice's tread design "with mobility-enhancing features of the PAX System, drivers will benefit from improved safety and outstanding braking and handling in winter driving conditions," says Normand Latremouille, winter segment marketing manager for Michelin.

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