Do you have news about industry personnel affected by Hurricane Katrina? Let MTD's Web site know

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Like all of you, we've been rendered heartsick by the images coming out of the Gulf Coast. The unthinkable has happened. We all know dealers, distributors and suppliers who were in harm's way. Communication, quite frankly, has been impossible and we still do not know their fate. We are making our Web site availabe to post information about those in our industry who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

If you have communicated with one of these people and they want you to get a message out about them, please contact us and we'll make sure we post the information. E-mail, or or call us at (330) 867-4401.

Of equal importance is that relief efforts are going on in the area. Treadways Corp. has already made a substantial financial pledge. Whether you have decided to join the relief effort or keep charity close to home, make sure to check out whomever you plan to support.

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