TIA needs everyone on same page for TIRES program to succeed

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"Until we have the industry´s approval, we can´t implement any kind of check-off program," Tire Industry Association President Dick Gust told today.

Earlier this morning, TIA announced it is now calling its check-off program the Tire Initiative for Research, Education and Safety, or TIRES for short.

TIA also announced it has formed a new organization called the National Tire Safety, Research and Education Alliance that will collect money for the program and manage it.

Gust says TIA´s immediate goal is to explain the program to tire dealers by visiting state and regional dealer associations.

"We really didn´t properly explain to the industry what the check-off program means."

Gust adds that TIA has spoken with the Rubber Manufacturers Association, who had legal reservations regarding the check-off program, about its plans for the TIRES program.

"We are hopeful that some of the legal issues will be resolved. Our continuing dialogue and spirit of cooperation will bring the industry together."

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